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Hemodialysis Workshop, Genbrug og Donation

Hemodialysis workshop at Genbrug & Donation, January 2018


The SI group, Nepal 2017

Summer Institute, Nepal 2017

The hospital staff may need help with various tasks other than equiptment reapir. Here students are helping move the entire indoor department.

Nepal 2016

Buddhist temple, Nepal 2016

Repair workshop at Genbrug & Donation, Glostrup

Donated infusionpumps are tested at Genbrug & Donation 

Nepal 2016

A lake in Pokhara, Nepal

Summer Institute Nepal 2016

Shramik and Anna working on autoclave, Nepal 2016

Gorkha District Hospital

Tekla and Anna in front of Gorkha District Hospital


Oplæg for medlemmer på biblioteket DTU Lyngby.

EWH Talks

EWH DTU hosts relevant and interesting talks for members, usually at the Library at DTU in Lyngby.

Mikkel på besøg på en skole i Tanzania.

Summer Institute 2014

The Summer Institutes are not axclusively about academic and practical skills; we also focus on cultural exchange. Here is Mikkel visiting a school in Tanzania.

Summer Institute Tanzania 2015

Students training staff in use of automatic anaesthesia machine

Social Stream